Housing for a Courtyard


Housing for a Courtyard proposes 31 new homes on the Prinsenstraat in Groningen through a strategy of transformation, addition and new construction. Its logic derives from an in-depth study of its context. Where peace is needed, it provides a collective, unambiguous picture. Where the dynamic of the city is leading, there is more variation. The interventions made within block reflects these varied conditions throughout, with outward fa├žades buildings upon the rhythm of the street, while within, a restored courtyard offers tranquillity and a new communal space. Ground floor flats have double height living spaces to allow light in from the narrow streets, with volumes above breaking from the building line, accentuating the urban grain.

  • Client: Municipality of Groningen
  • Location: Groningen
  • Year: 2017
  • Programme: Mixed-use
  • Status: Preliminary Design