Schools in a Park

191010 Collage Dordrecht

School in a Park renovates, transforms and adds new spaces to an ensemble of post-war educational buildings, providing a home for two primary schools and a nursery. The project is partly an archival exercise, restoring the core values of the postwar buildings that have been blurred over time: light and air. Much of the transformation remains invisible at first; the integration of technical installations and climatic upgrades makes the school fit for the future, while no compromises are made to the original open structure's large windows and generous ceiling heights. The landscaping has been designed to bring together two school communities, where relations in the past have been fraught. The boundary structure is designed as an attractor for users from both sides, inviting them to dwell collectively on the middle ground.

  • Client: Municipality of Dordrecht
  • Location: Dordrecht
  • Year: 2020
  • Programme: Primary School & Nursery
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Team: Van Schagen Architecten