House by the River


The House on the River is a family home at the threshold between port and city on the river Meuse in Rotterdam. The half open brickwork in the façade caters for the ventilation of the house, while the large frameless windows capture a series of views of the water, intimately connecting the house to the dynamic riverscape. The reflections created by the flush glass capture the colours of the river and the dramatic Dutch skies. Running through the entire house is the desire to draw in daylight and create views to the river and the city beyond. Bedroom and bathroom are blurred, while the kitchen and living room are situated in a split-level space above the ground floor, leading to a series of spaces varying in openness, intimacy and views. The house is part of a larger scheme in which a series of privately commissioned houses form an urban block, laying on the edge between a dense city neighbourhood, and the openness of Rotterdam’s busy waterway.

  • Location: Rotterdam
  • Year: 2018
  • Programme: House
  • Status: Completed
  • Team: KCAP, Alexander Speelman, Madeleen Dijkman, Looij Drieser
  • Photography: Jordi Huisman